EXO launch retro mini-game in anticipation of new album ‘Don’t Fight The Feeling’

‘EXO-SHIP SAGA’ is in the vein of classic scrolling shoot 'em up series 'Raiden'

South Korean boyband EXO have launched a space-themed web mini-game in anticipation of their upcoming special album, ‘Don’t Fight The Feeling’.

On June 1 at Midnight KST, the K-pop group unveiled their the retro-inspired pixel game, ‘EXO-SHIP SAGA’. The group have described it as “a space-based game that uses the upcoming special album’s concept”.

Players can earn points in ‘EXO-SHIP SAGA’ by firing lasers at an incoming waves of aliens, similar to the scrolling shoot ’em up series Raiden. Additionally, users can also collect the player ID cards of each EXO member as they progress in the game.


The game is the latest in EXO’s promotional material for their forthcoming special album, ‘Don’t Fight The Feeling’, which will feature members D.O., Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Xiumin, Sehun and Kai. It will also mark the return of Chinese member Lay, who last participated in EXO’s release 2018 release ‘Tempo’.

‘Don’t Fight The Feeling’ is set to drop on June 7. The group first teased the comeback in April when the EXO members showcased the aircraft-inspired set they had been filming their new music video on. At the time, member D.O. also explained that the upcoming music video was a continuation of 2017’s space-themed video for ‘Power’.

‘Don’t Fight The Feeling’ will be EXO’s first release since their sixth studio album ‘Obsession’, which dropped in November 2019. Notably, it is also the group’s first comeback since members Xiumin and D.O completed their mandatory military service.