Extinction Rebellion launch bid for Christmas No.1 with climate change song

"We need you now, we need voices"

Extinction Rebellion are aiming to secure the coveted Christmas No.1 slot after releasing a new track to tackle climate change.

The protest group have joined forces with rockers The Jade Assembly on new track ‘Time for Change’, which calls for environmental action.

The track urges listeners to “act now” and calls for immediate climate change action “before we’re all dead”.


It is accompanied by a music video which features footage from the group’s global protests over the past six months, as well as altered footage which shows The Houses of Parliament on fire.

Elsewhere in the video, Theresa May and other MPs are seen wearing gas masks as the climate crisis seemingly intensifies.

Frontman John Foster sings: “So whether you’re a lucky man, a banker or a broken man, I’m standing here for everyone whose never too afraid to say – we need you now, we need voices.

“A time to look ahead and now a time before we’re all dead, come on, it’s time for a change. I need everyone to be with me and I need everyone in here tonight to be themselves, so come on.”

The collaboration with the group originated after manager Mick Watson sent the song to Gail Bradbrook, one of the group’s founders. She then commissioned Extinction Rebellion’s art department to create the music video alongside the band last month.


Mr Watson told MailOnline: ‘The Jade Assembly have always been passionate about the climate crisis and they penned this song out of frustration with the speed and the way our politicians dealt with the crisis.

“I sent it to Gail a month ago and straight away she agreed that its an anthem for them, she thinks it’s amazing, and she immediately got some footage together for the video.

“Roger Hallam, the other founder of Extinction Rebellion, loves the song and they both agreed we must get this to be Christmas number one after such a great year for Extinction Rebellion.”

It comes only a week after a police ban on Extinction Rebellion protests in London was ruled unlawful by the High Court. Large areas of London were brought to a standstill last month when thousands of protesters took part in disruptive action, demanding action at the time.

The Met Police subsequently claimed that the Section 14 order was necessary to halt disruption, but High Court judges have said they acted unlawfully.