Faith No More have announced they are together no more...

Faith No More have announced their official split after months of speculation concerning the band’s future.

A statement released by bassist Billy Gould read: “After 15 long and fruitful years, Faith No More have decided to put an end to speculation regarding their imminent break-up… by breaking up.

“The decision among the members is mutual, and there will be no pointing of fingers, no naming of names, other than stating, for the record, that Puffy (long suffering drummer, Mike Bordin) started it.


“Furthermore, the split will now enable each member to pursue his individual projects unhindered. Lastly, and most importantly, the band would like to thank all of those fans and associates that have stuck with and supported the band throughout its history.”

Singer Mike Patton now plans to form a new band, Phantomas, with Trevor Dunn, a member of his occasional side project Mr Bungle. The Melvins’ Buzz Osbourne and Slayer’s Dave Lombardo are also joining the group.

Gould has been busy producing other bands, including a number of Russian punk outfits. Keyboardist Roddy Bottum’s Imperial Teen, who released their debut album, ‘Seasick’ in 1996, have now completed their second album, ‘What Is Not To Love’ for July release.

Faith No More released the following albums in the UK: ‘Faith No More’ (’85), ‘Introduce Yourself’ (’87), ‘The Real Thing’ (’89), ‘Live At Brixton Academy’ (’91), ‘Angel Dust’ (’92), ‘King For A Day – Fool For A Lifetime’ (’95) and ‘Album Of The Year’ (’97).