Maxi Jazz tells NME.COM that the band almost folded after the enormous tour that followed the release of their last album...

FAITHLESS have told NME.COM that it was “doubtful” the band would have remained together if they hadn’t taken a break following the gruelling promotion for their last album, ‘SUNDAY 8PM’.

In an exclusive interview with NME.COM, Faithless member Maxi Jazz said that the promotional schedule for ‘Sunday 8PM’ left the band “very tired and fatigued”.

He commented: “It’s not so much that you get on each other’s nerves, because we’re really good at getting on, but you just get bored all the time. You get very tired and fatigued, and you need fresh impetus and stimulus in order for the band to survive. We wouldn’t have felt like making another album with each other if we’d carried on for another year. It was absolutely the right time to stop.”

By the time the band had completed their live shows, Faithless had been touring for almost three years. Jazz commented: “I didn’t want to hear a single thing about tourbuses. I really just thought that I’d had enough, and it was good to stop.”

However, he described the recording of new album ‘Outrospective’ as “intense” yet “very friendly”.

He continued: “I wouldn’t call it a happy album. It’s funky, I think the beats are really strong. Slightly dancier, more upbeat in a way, though the dance tracks are very intense. We’ve looked out more, but there is that core of melancholy.”

‘Outrospective’ is released on June 18. The confirmed tracklisting is:

‘Donny X’

‘Not Enuff Love’

‘We Come 1’

‘Crazy English Summer’

‘Muhammad Ali’

‘Machines R Us’

‘One Step Too Far’


‘Giving myself Away’



‘Lion Tamer’

The first single from the record will be ‘We Come 1’, released on June 4. The band are confirmed to play the V2001 festival, and are planning other European festival dates. Faithless will then return to the UK for shows in the autumn.