Sister Bliss tells all to NME.COM...

SISTER BLISS has told NME.COM the new FAITHLESS album will be released in May, and has “tentatively” been titled ‘OUTROSPECTIVE’.

BLISS told NMEDANCE.COM that the record is “really funky. It’s moody and dirty, but in a good way.” Explaining the title, she added “It’s because it’s the opposite of introspective, which is what we were last time. We were all a bit down, a bit miserable, and a bit ‘Fuck me, we’ve been away for three and a half years, what the hell’s happened to life in the meantime?’ – the classic touring album philosophy.”

The band have been working on the album since September of this year, after taking six months off from Faithless altogether. “We’ve only mixed a couple of things, but we’ve done about five or six altogether,” said Bliss. “So there’s another five more to go. One of them’s a big dancefloor track that I’ve been promoing, testing it on acetate. No-one else in the world has got it, and it’s been going down massively.”

“It really helps that I’ve been DJing as well,” she added. “To be honest, that’s been the hardest thing on the album so far, doing the house tracks. We’ve got back on track with the Sister Bliss stuff, that was our way of re-affirming our strength on the dancefloor. It was trying to find a new way of big and powerful, while still treading new ground. That’s been really exciting.”

The album will be preceded by a Dusted single in January, and a Sister Bliss single, ‘Deliverance’, in May. ‘Deliverance’ features a vocal contribution from country legend John Martyn, and is a cover of a track from early ’90s Balearic producers The Beloved.