‘Fake Drake’ has been banned from Instagram

It comes shortly after 'Izzy Drake' challenged Actual Drake to a boxing match

The Drake impersonator known as ‘Fake Drake’ has seemingly been banned from Instagram.

The copycat has attracted attention recently for attending a number of events designed to fool members of the public into mistaking him for the multi-platinum-selling Canadian star, including nightclub appearances where it’s reported he was earning upwards of £4000 a pop.

But according to a post from Akademiks, ‘Izzy Drake’ — as he’s widely known on the internet — was banned from Instagram over the weekend for “impersonating Drake”.


The last post ‘Izzy Drake’ made before his ban saw the lookalike once again challenging Drake to a boxing match. Last month, ‘Fake Drake’ guested on the We In Miami podcast and said: “I’m challenging Drake to a boxing match. I just signed with Celebrity Boxing.” If he lost, he promised to change his name from Izzy Drake to just Izzy but if ‘Fake Drake’ was victorious, he was looking for over £800,000 ($1million) and a record deal from Drake.

Footage of the ‘Certified Lover Boy’ lookalike began circulating on social media last year after Tory Lanez spotted him at a number of nightclubs in Miami. He was then seen in LA clubs appearing to rap along on stage to Drake songs.

Later, it was claimed by ‘Fake Drake’ that actual Drake doesn’t mind the lookalike. 

However, earlier this year ‘Fake Drake’ spoke out publicly, claiming that his style and personality is all his own, despite booking a variety of public events based on his supposed visual likeness to the rapper.

Speaking on Instagram, ‘Fake Drake’ said: “This is just who I am. I’m just like, I’m just going with the flow, you know? I didn’t ask to become famous.” The women asking him questions in the clip suggest that ‘Fake Drake’ both looks and acts like Drake, to which he responds: “I act like Drake?”


‘Fake Drake’ also audaciously implied that his haircut, matching the OVO artist’s distinctive heart-shaped style, was his own idea.

Since being banned from Instagram, a number of new accounts have begun appearing but it isn’t yet known if any belong to ‘Izzy Drake’ or if we’re entering the era of ‘Fake, Fake Drake’.

In other Drake news, the rapper made a special appearance during the Backstreet Boys‘ show on Saturday night (July 2), joining them for ‘I Want It That Way’ – check out footage here.