Drug safety charity The Loop issues warning after psychosis-causing ‘fake MDMA’ found at Parklife festival

The pills can keep consumers up for 3 days

Psychosis-causing ‘fake MDMA’ pills have been found at Parklife Festival.

Drug safety charity The Loop test substances at nightclubs, festivals and other events, with the aim of reducing drug-related harm.

They were welcomed to last weekend’s Parklike Festival, allowing attendees to get their drugs tested before consuming them.


The Loop have now issued a warning to festival-goers after discovering the ‘fake MDMA’ pills at the event. The team discovered the pills actually contain N-ethyl-pentylone – a substance that’s three times stronger than MDMA.

The charity says that N-ethyl-pentylone has an identical appearance to crystal MDMA and while they both have similar effects for the first two hours, N-ethyl-pentylone can cause “anxious stimulation and paranoia”.

They added: “Insomnia lasts much longer than main effects, up to 72 hours and can cause severe paranoia and temporary psychosis. See their tweet below.

However, the charity could not confirm whether the substance had been falsely sold as MDMA. “We don’t know for this festival because it was a back-of-house lab without direct access by the general public,” The Loop’s director Fiona Measham told Resident Advisor.


“It’s a good question and a good example of why we also need front-of-house testing services that directly engage with the public.”

“At previous festivals, we have found that generally only a very small number go on to replace the drugs. This is because often they have no money left for more drugs, but also, they have been ripped off, they have found out some of the very unwelcome drugs mis-sold as MDMA and don’t want to take that risk again,” she added.

The festival saw a performance from Liam Gallagher, who criticized the festival’s choice of name.

Writing on Twitter, he said: “Rite up for this festival in oh Manchester is wonderful oh Manchester is wonderful it’s full of not too sure bout the name though I guess you should never judge a book by its cover or a festival by its name for that matter as you were LG x”