Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz explains why Green Day mean so much to him

Wentz says "they made an odd kid feel like I had a foothold in pop culture"

Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz has discussed the impact Green Day had on him when he was growing up.

Wentz inducted the enduringly popular band into the Rock’n’Roll Hall Of Fame last month, something he told NME was a “pretty big honour”.

“They defied expectation multiple times,” Wentz said of the California punks. “When ‘Dookie’ broke I remember thinking ‘this is a band that speaks to me, that sounds like me, that looks like me and they’re played on the radio and MTV. They made an odd kid feel like I had a foothold in pop culture.”

Went proceeded to praise the band’s 2004 album ‘American Idiot’, saying: “It was a great critical response to what was happening in our world, and ‘Boulevard Of Broken Dreams’, can you write a more epic song? There’s a couple but not many.”

“I’ve only heard two songs off the new album and I thought they were great, it was like a return to form, the Green Day that I grew up with,” Went added. “Having us out to induct them into the Rock’n’Roll Hall Of Fame was a pretty big honour. Tre has come out to a couple of shows, which is pretty cool too.”

Asked if Fall Out Boy would ever collaborate with Green Day, Wentz replied: “They’re definitely at a level where they call the collaborative shots. If they ever called us up we’d definitely answer the phone!”

Fall Out Boy’s concert film, The Boys Of Zummer Tour: Live In Chicago, is out today (October 21) on DVD, Blu-Ray and digital formats. Read NME‘s full interview with Pete Wentz here.