Panic At The Disco team-up with Fall Out Boy

Guitarist Ryan Ross joins Wentz and co

Panic! At The Disco are set to make a guest appearance on Fall Out Boy‘s second album.

Guitarist and friend of the band Ryan Ross has teamed up with the Emo rockers for the follow up to ‘From Under The Cork Tree’.

Speaking about the collaboration bassist Pete Wentz told MTV News that the record is close to completion.


He added: “We tried to make it a bit different than the way we used guests on ‘From Under the Cork Tree’.

“We felt like rock bands have kind of neglected the guitar solo, at least in our genre. So we had our friends (New Found Glory guitarist) Chad Gilbert and Ryan Ross both play guitar solos on a song. But it won’t be what you expect.

Wentz claims that the band have already recorded 14 tracks with producer Neal Avron and songs slated to appear on the as-yet-untitled album include ‘Hum Hallelujah’, ‘I’ve Got All This Ringing in My Ears And None On My Fingers’ and ‘The Carpal Tunnel of Love’.

He added: “It never really feels like the homestretch, but I think we should be finished tracking this week. Or maybe we will do one more song, we’ll see. I think the date the label wants the record is Halloween. We’re gonna deliver it dressed in costumes. Or maybe not.”

The band are also hoping to release a new single before the turn of the year.

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