Fall Out Boy – ‘We’re not going folk’

Band say new record will be 'rap-rock'

Fall Out Boy have denied that their new album will be folk-oriented.

Singer Patrick Stump denied recent rumours that the record would take a radically different direction from its predecessors.

“There was something that got misconstrued,” he explained. “Pete (Wentz, bassist) was saying something about folk music, and I was saying something about folk music.

“We were kind of thinking about folk music lyrically and I think a lot of people assumed that meant acoustic guitars, which it doesn’t. Contrary to the heavy blogging, the new record is not gonna be a folk record. It’s gonna be rap-rock.”

Speaking about the change in lyrics, Wentz said: “The last record was definitely about our first interactions with fame and I think it would be boring to write about it anymore.”

Stump said that the record was at its very earliest stages.

He told MTV News: “We need a next breath in before we take the next breath out. I always think of that total cliché that a record is like a child or a pregnancy even.

“There is a point where you’re just going to have a record, like, ‘Oh! It’s coming!’ And we’re not there yet. I don’t even know how far along it is. First trimester, maybe.”