Fall Out Boy discuss tour delay

Pete Wentz says health issue is not serious

Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz has discussed the reasons behind the band postponing their latest tour.

As previously reported, the band delayed their North American jaunt due to “personal issues”.

However, bassist Wentz said that despite rumours to the contrary, the band had not split up and the “health issue” was not serious.


He said: “No one has left the band, no one is dead, and no one is going to rehab. I need that as a big pull quote man, because everyone thinks that. It’s the danger of language and the danger of the times we’re in.

“It’s a health issue, but not a health issue that anyone needs to worry about. It’s not life-threatening, it’s more about overworking and worn down. I know a lot of kids were freaking out when we said it, but I wanna say as loud as I can that it’s nothing serious.”

Wentz told MTV News that the tour schedule of the band was taking its toll.

“Sometimes you need to take into consideration how the physical and mental health of each member of this band affects the overall health of the band,” he said. “Sometimes you have to think about having this shit running in the right way, rather than just keeping it afloat. It’s real easy to keep a machine going, but it’s really difficult to keep it running the way it should.”

Wentz added that when the band do return to the stage it will be “completely amazing”.