Fall Out Boy return to the studio

Work on fourth album continues

Fall Out Boy are halfway through completing their new album, Pete Wentz has revealed.

Fresh from a break in sessions which saw the emo champions play the Carling Weekend and scooping the Viewer’s Choice Award at the MTV Video Music Awards, the band have returned to the studio where they continue work on their fourth record.

The band had hoped to release the follow-up to ‘From Under The Cork Tree’ this year, but speaking via the band’s official blog, he says they are now “taking their time”.


And the record is taking a progressive tone, with bandmembers employing “strange instruments”.

Wentz wrote: “Feel like I should be updating about the studio and the new record because that’s what we are spending all of our time on right now. It feels like we are almost halfway there with the record. It’s coming together slowly. Joe (Trohman, guitar) just flew back in today. We worked on a new song today using a couple of strange instruments, who knows if it will end up on the record?

“I like that we are stretching because it feels so natural. We aren’t racing, we are trying to craft songs that we will love forever, not just until the next record comes out. Patrick (Stump, vocals) is a madman. It is undeniable. For anyone who thought the vocals were insane on the last record, prepare to be blown away.”