Jay-Z on new Fall Out Boy album

New album features rap legend

Jay–Z guest on the new Fall Out Boy album ’Infinity On High’.

The song ’Car Crash Hearts’ features Jay–Z rapping about the critics “that said it would never happen”, before dedicating the album: “To the fans that supported us/The fans who held us down”.

Speaking to MTV News bassist Pete Wentz said: “It’s so important to begin strong, and I don’t think you can start much stronger than this.


“This is a message recorded directly to our fans – it’s one of the few times on the record where we speak directly to them, and I think it’s amazing that Jay is having a conversation with our fans.

“Also, it‘s a snapshot of where we are right now. And years from now, when I laying in some gutter somewhere Jay–Z will still be on this record.”

Speaking about the sessions with the rapper, Wentz added: “I think he recorded some of it in Australia while we were sleeping. It was insane. We called him up and thought we were gonna talk to his assistant. Then he answers the phone, like, ‘Yo, this is Hov‘, and we were like, ‘Um…’ It just happened like that. And it was pretty crazy.”

Wentz said that the guest appearence does not mean Jay–Z has gone emo.

“Don’t hold your breath waiting for him to break out the eyeliner and scene hair,” he joked. “I think he’s just a smart dude. He appreciates the energy some of the bands in our scene bring.”

The album’s first US single has been confirmed as ’This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race’. A release date has yet to be announced.