Fall Out Boy respond to Killers feud

Pete Wentz still wants to be Brandon Flowers’ friend

Fall Out Boy have responded after The Killers attacked the band again this week (June 28).

The two bands have been at loggerheads after The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers citicised his A&R man for working with his rivals last year, and then reignited the feud in this week’s issue of NME.

Speaking to NME.COM, Brandon Flowers laid into his rivals, declaring “There’s a creature inside me that wants to beat all those (emo) bands to death”, before adding that “You don’t realise what you could be getting yourself into with Fall Out Boy… Emo, pop-punk, whatever you want to call it, is dangerous.”


However speaking to MTV News, Fall Out Boy leader Pete Wentz has said that despite Flowers’ comments, he’s a fan of The Killer.

“Honestly, I like Brandon a lot from what I’ve read in interviews,” said Wentz. “He’s sharp. I don’t think people would take as much notice (of his comments) if he wasn’t. I respect that.”

Wentz added that he actually enjoyed Flowers‘ recent words.

“I kinda like how he called Fall Out Boy ‘dangerous’. It felt like how Ice called Maverick ‘dangerous’ in ‘Top Gun’.”

Wentz added: “I kind of think of it this way – how could you feel like a superhero if you didn’t have an arch-nemesis?”

Wentz added that he in fact got Flowers’ family and friends into Fall Out Boy shows, and his only real objection to what has happened is The Killers‘ claim that the two bands have never met.


“We met a couple of times,” explained Wentz, suggesting the Las Vegas band perhaps didn’t realise who they were being introduced to. “I think they maybe tried to order drinks from us at the MTV Video Music Awards, because they thought we were waiters. The drummer (Ronnie Vannucci) was really nice though.”