Fall Out Boy want to take Killers out for dinner

Pete Wentz and co tell NME they want to end the feud

Fall Out Boy have offered to take The Killers out for dinner to end the feud between the two bands.

The groups were at loggerheads after Killers frontman Brandon Flowers criticised the band on NME.COM late last year.

However Fall Out Boy insist there is “no animosity on our part” and want to take the Las Vegas band out for dinner.


“We played Vegas the other night and we invited The Killers to our party afterwards, but they didn’t show. I think they were recording,” Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz told NME.COM. “He hasn’t officially accepted my invitation yet. I think it would be awesome. He’s probably a good date. And I’m buying, Brandon! I’d take him somewhere classy, maybe go to Nobu and get some sushi.”

Wentz added that while the war of words was “funny” for a while, he actually has a lot of respect for Flowers. He wouldn’t want to hear this, but I think more than anything, we’re too similar to each other,” said Wentz of the Killer. “We both over-analyze everything, and we’re both totally neurotic.”

For the full interview with Fall Out Boy check out this week’s issue of NME – on newsstands nationwide today (April 19) – which also includes an exclusive track by track by the band on the new album from Gnarls Barkley, the Kaiser Chiefs‘ only interview ahead of their biggest UK tour and the world’ first verdict on Dirty Pretty Things‘ debut album ‘Waterloo To Anywhere’ .

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