Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz: ‘Why are we the only band willing to save rock’n’roll?’

Bassist says there's a lack of 'rock star heroes'

Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz has claimed that he and his bandmates are the only group “willing to try and save rock’n’roll”.

With the band’s new LP – the appropriately titled ‘Save Rock & Roll’ – set for release on April 15, Wentz told the Daily Star there there was a lack of “rock star heroes” in today’s music scene and claimed that he was fed up of other bands all sounding the same.

“Why are we the only band willing to take up the challenge of saving rock’n’roll?” he said. “I want us to make kids feel the way I did watching Guns N’ Roses vid­eos as a kid – you need rock star heroes.” He then went on to say of the band’s hiatus: “In our time off, I listened to a lot of radio and it all sounded the same.”

Singer Patrick Stump, meanwhile, added: “People will be mad about our album title, but it’s so sad when bands play it safe.

“When rock’n’roll becomes predictable – a certain look or sound – it’s the least rock’n’roll thing I can think of. It’s like there’s a prescription available for how you should rock, and we’re here to save the idea of rock’n’roll.”

Earlier this month (April 8), Fall Out Boy started streaming ‘Save Rock & Roll’ in its entirety – scroll down to hear the album in full now. Courtney Love and Elton John both feature on the LP, which also includes the previously previewed tracks ‘Young Volcanoes’, ‘My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light ‘Em Up)’ and ‘The Phoenix’.