Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump: ‘No-one is happy being really fat’

Frontman opens up about life as a solo artist

Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump has spoken about his recent image change for his new solo album ‘Soul Punk’.

The vocalist/guitarist released his debut solo record earlier this year, playing all the instruments himself. He revealed a new slimmed-down look to accompany the new musical phase in his life. Speaking to AP Magazine, Stump stated he was “tired of just giving up and being like ‘OK, I’m the fat friend.'”

An altered lifestyle of diet and exercise resulted in a new-look Stump who said he believes that “no-one is happy being really fat. You get there because you’re not dealing with something. When you deal with stuff, you lose weight.”

Speaking about ‘Soul Punk’, Stump added: “I wanted to set the tone for the future. It’s kind of like a calling card. The first Foo Fighters album is a great example. Before that, everyone expected Nirvana part two.”

As for the state of Fall Out Boy who have been on hiatus since 2009, he said: “I wanted to do my thing and I wanted to do it my way. Jesus Christ! I’ve been on tour forever! I wanted to do something different! I just wanted to do something different! I just wanted to try something else.”