Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump: ‘I received a cosmic sign saying I should disappear’

Stump answers the 'haters' who say they 'preferred him when he was fat'

Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump has taken to his personal blog to answer back to ‘haters’ who slammed his 2011 debut solo album ‘Soul Punk’ and Fall Out Boy‘s last album, 2008’s ‘Folie A Deux’.

The frontman wrote a lengthy blog post at Patrickstump.com, saying: “The reality is that for a certain number of people, all I’ve ever done, all I ever will do, and all I ever had the capacity to do worth a damn was a record I began recording when I was 18 years old.”

He continued: “Fall Out Boy‘s last album ‘Folie A Deux’ was our most critically panned and audiences openly hated it… at no other point in my professional career was I nearly booed off stages for playing new songs.”


“That experience really took the wind out of the band’s sails; It stopped being fun. I suppose I’m just not that thick-skinned,” wrote Stump, who added that after losing weight and touring his solo album, he was unprepared for the “barrage of ‘We liked you better fat [comments]’, the threatening letters to my home, the kids that paid for tickets to my solo shows to tell me how much I sucked without Fall Out Boy“.

He added: “It’s as though I’ve received some big cosmic sign that says I should disappear. So I’ve kind of disappeared.” Stump goes on to write that he’s currently ‘moonlighting’ as a songwriter and producer for hire and been acting, saying: “I have no interest (and evidently that sentiment is reciprocated) in performing music publicly any time soon but as I’ve said I’m sure that will happen when it happens. I have been debating releasing the unfinished follow-up to ‘Soul Punk’.”

Of the future of Fall Out Boy he writes: “I, as always, would be super psyched to do the band again.”

To read the blog entry in full, visit: Patrickstump.com