50 Cent and Fall Out Boy team up for US tour

Fans divided over unlikely tourmates

50 Cent will share a stage with Fall Out Boy for five dates of their ‘Believers Never Die’ tour this summer.

The US dates, which goes “from Denver to Dallas“, sees the rapper and the emo band linking up on April 14, before playing further location which will be revealed on Friendsorenemies.com.

The unlikely tourmates may though have a sticking point, with Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump recording a impromptu cover of ‘Love Lockdown’ by 50 Cent‘s arch rival Kanye West, reports Prettymuchamazing.com.

The news of Fall Out Boys’s unlikely tourmate has split opinion amongst the band’s fans with some declaring their delight, while others were less keen, with one posting on the band’s website: “I would rather eat my own crap literally than listen to 50 Cent.”