Fall Out Boy talk about their new album

Band are 'itching' to get back in the studio

Fall Out Boy have revealed they have been thinking about making a new album.

The band are keen to start on a new record, and were discussing it at Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson‘s recent wedding, but there’s no definite release schedule in place as yet.

The American pop-rockers are keen to get back in the studio though.

The band’s guitarist, Patrick Stump, told Billboard.com: “It’s one of those things music-wise where the band is really not talking about a record yet, but we’re itching to do one.”

He added: “Actually at the wedding we were like, ‘We should do another record.’ But I never want to mislead people.”

Stump revealed the band have plenty of material to pick from.

He said: “So it’s weird, because there’s been rumours of us doing our next record for a long time, but it kind of comes from a misunderstanding about how we work because we’re always writing. We’ve had material since ‘Infinity On High’ dropped.”

Stump also added that any new material would sound different from any previous records.

He said: “I don’t want to be overly vague, but whenever we do another record, it’ll be different from the last one, and it’s going to be different from the last three. I think the new stuff will have a lot of freedom on it, and it’s going to be our first plain old record in a while.”

The band may even be playing some gigs this year, and Stump hinted: “We always end up playing somewhere. I don’t think we want to get rusty, and we’re not going away for any length of time.”