Fall Out Boy have been selling vinyl with actual human tears in

The vinyl were "filled with real tears for maximum emotional fidelity"

Fall Out Boy launched a new vinyl version of their recent album ‘So Much (For) Stardust’ today (May 1) containing real human tears.

The Crynyl™ records were filled with real tears “for maximum emotional fidelity” and were available to pre-order earlier today. Bassist Pete Wentz appeared in a spooky video shared to the band’s social media, where someone sucked the tears off his face with a pipette as a distorted version of their recent single ‘Love From The Other Side’ played.

Only 50 copies of the vinyl were made. The package included one double-sided, tear-filled LP, packaged in a gatefold box with a built-in tissue dispenser.


The vinyl sold out within the hour, but the band then said they had held a few copies back that would be used for a giveaway.

Fall Out Boy had previously teased the vinyl in an Instagram reel back in March, in which Wentz was shown applying tear stick, chopping onions, and reminiscing on his friendship with Patrick Stump, all for a secret upcoming project.

Not long after ‘So Much (For) Stardust’ came out, Fall Out Boy said that their divisive 2018 album ‘MANIA’ represented an attempt to survive in a climate that they thought was becoming more hostile towards bands.


Guitarist Joe Trohman previously said in his 2022 memoir None Of This Rocks that he wasn’t a huge fan of the album and subsequently didn’t really participate in its creation.

When asked if this motivated the band’s return to their rock roots on ‘So Much For Stardust’ by Variety, bassist Pete Wentz said: “I feel like our thoughts on ‘MANIA’ were taken a little out of context. Two records before, we were making albums in a landscape that was not particularly friendly to bands, and so we were just trying to figure out how to survive. It was like The Last of Us: The Pop Radio Version, starring Fall Out Boy fighting the zombies that do not want bands existing.”

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