Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz reveals one thing he’d do differently on band’s next album

They released their latest album 'Mania' in January

Fall Out Boy‘s Pete Wentz has revealed what he would do differently on the band’s next album.

The emo band released their latest album ‘MANIA‘ in January 2018. In a three-star review, NME said: “There’s no ‘Dance, Dance’ or ‘Thnks Fr Th Mmrs’ in here, but there doesn’t need to be. The musical landscape has changed since Fall Out Boy’s Warped Tour days in the mid-’00s, and so have they. As ‘Mania’ shows, it’s probably for the best.”

Wentz has now said there is one thing he would change about the album’s campaign. Speaking to Rock Sound, he said: “The thing that I think was a big learning experience for us [was] there was a massive shift from terrestrial radio, and radio getting to decide ‘this is the single, and this is how it’s going to be worked’ into kids curating, and getting to decide the single themselves.

“Because when we went in to this, we were like ‘I’m not really sure what the single is…’ and these radio programmers kept saying ‘Hold Me Tight [Or Don’t]’, but the kids were telling us ”Last Of The Real Ones’- this is the song we like. This is the song we love.’

He continued to say that, in the future, the one thing he would do differently would be listening “to the kids.” “They just drive that anyway,” he said. “‘Last Of The Real Ones’ is a single- it’s just not a single that’s on the radio. But it’s on the internet like a motherfucker. And so that part – I wouldn’t say that it was unsuccessful – it was just a learning experience for us. But I think it was a successful transition.”

Meanwhile, the band recently recalled their 2015 collaboration with rap group Migos and said they would be up for working with them again.

“I think [Migos] were really big in the hip-hop community, but they weren’t really super-well known yet,” Wentz told NME of the trio’s appearance on ‘Irresistible’. Asked if they would be interested in collaborating again in the future, he replied: “Yeah, of course.”