Fans can now pay artists directly on Spotify through new Artist Fundraising Pick scheme

Artists are now able to fundraise through their Spotify page as part of the service's COVID-19 Music Relief project

Spotify has today (April 22) launched a new Artist Fundraising Pick scheme, where fans are able to donate directly to artists via the streaming service.

Artists are now able to add an Artist Fundraising Pick badge to the top of their Spotify profile, where fans can donate via CashApp, GoFundMe or PayPal to support the artists and their extended crews.

The badge will appear next to the existing Artist’s Pick section, where bands can highlight their most recent piece of music for fans.


As well as fundraising for themselves, artists can also choose to point fans towards a range of charitable causes involved with Spotify’s ongoing COVID-19 Music Relief project, which are listed here.

Spotify. CREDIT: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

“Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Spotify has engaged our partners across the industry to discuss how we can support artists and the creative community who have been deeply impacted by the effects of the devastating virus,” Spotify wrote in a blog post announcing the new scheme.

“Though streaming continues to play a key role in connecting creators with their fans, numerous other sources of revenue have been interrupted or stopped altogether by this crisis.”

Talking about the Artist Fundraising Pick, they wrote: “Just like artists can select any piece of music to highlight on their profile as an Artist’s Pick, they can now highlight a fundraising destination (in addition to their Artist’s Pick).”

“First and foremost, this feature enables artists who are interested in raising money to support themselves, their bands, or their crews, to get the word out to their fans on their Spotify artist profiles.”


Spotify announced the first round of their COVID-19 Music Relief project last month, with the streaming giant matching donations made to a fundraising page up to the total sum of $10 million.

Musicians have been calling for the streaming service to triple royalty payments amid the coronavirus crisis.