Fans of The Killers rage after toilet queues force them to miss gig

Fans were reportedly forced to urinate on fences.

Fans of The Killers have hit out after they faced huge queues during their show at Swansea’s Liberty Stadium over the weekend.

Concert-goers with standing tickets claim that they missed huge portions of the gig after they were forced to leave the stadium to use portaloos situated outside the ground.

Upon leaving the stadium, they reportedly faced huge queues to use the loo – as well as similar delays upon re-entering.


Posting on Twitter, one fan wrote: “Unbelievable night at Swansea for the killers, spoiled only by having to pee in a bush due to the shocking toilet situation”.

Others called for refunds after experiencing huge queues.

According to WalesOnline, some eyewitnesses saw people urinating out of fences in a bid to dodge the queues. Police initially attempted to stop it, but reportedly became powerless as the queues built up.


Concert-goer Sam Jones said: “I was furious.

“I missed the first three songs because I was queuing for an hour to use the loo. A lot of the women in the queue were furious, saying they had basically spent £65 for a wee!”

James Hall added: “We had to leave the stadium to queue for ages.

“People were urinating everywhere. I complained to the stewards but there was nothing they could do.

“We couldn’t have a drink after seeing all this because I was with three women who didn’t want to pee up against a fence. Neither did I.

“I’ve been to concerts in stadiums all over the country and I have never seen anything quite likes this.”