Fans of The Rolling Stones aren’t happy with the cost of tickets for their UK tour

"When did it become acceptable for bands to charge £100 for a show?"

Fans of The Rolling Stones have reacted with anger after it was revealed that the most expensive tickets will set back fans an extortionate £450.

The eye-watering cost of seeing the rock icons in the flesh this summer was revealed on Ticketmaster’s official website after their first tour in five years was announced yesterday.

For their show at the London Stadium on May 22, fans can expect to pay £399.95 for a premium standing ticket, along with a booking fee of £52 that brings the total cost to £451.95.


The ‘Gold Circle’ option is similarly pricey, with fans expecting to pay up to £282.45.

The seating option, meanwhile, will see fans forking out up to £203.

Responding to the ticket prices, one fan wrote on Twitter: “Ticket prices for The Rolling Stones are pretty crazy, I’ll still pay it but when did it become acceptable for bands to charge £100 for a show? Becoming the norm for big acts these days, ridiculous.”

Another said: “The Rolling Stones’ UK ticket prices & “fees” are fucking outrageous. Disgusting.”

“I adore The Rolling Stones but £90+ for a ticket is ridiculous. Gig ticket prices are getting outrageous”, one raged.


But for others, the cost was entirely justified.

“The fume here from some people on Stones ticket prices. They put on one of the best shows in music. Ed Sheeran, who’s a proper biff, is alright to charge nearly £100 though? Sound”, one said.

The tour announcement comes after Stones fans in the UK were left disappointed last year when a lack of suitable venues meant that their European tour didn’t head to these shores.

“Sorry to our UK fans there are no UK dates on this run, due to lack of available venues because of sporting fixtures,” the band said at the time.




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