Fans of reviled band Nickelback reveal reasons for liking the group and which artists they dislike

Supporters of the Canadian band opened up about their fandom of the much-hated group

Fans of the reviled band Nickelback have spoken about their love of the much-hated group.

Chad Kroeger’s band have long been the subject of derision in music circles, with recent slights against the four-piece including a US Army officer banning their music from being played in the command post and Arnold Schwarzenegger saying the US Congress is “less popular than herpes and Nickelback”.

However, the band do have some fans, as evidenced by their 50 million records sold worldwide. Some supporters of the group spoke to Noisey Canada about why they love Nickelback.

One fan described the band as “badass”, while another said he related to them as “you can tell [Kroeger isn’t] just singing a song”. Several said they came to be fans via older family members, while two women recalled forming their friendship over their love of Nickelback.

Fans were also asked who “their Nickelback” is – i.e. the band or artist who they despise. Suggestions included One Direction, Future and Migos, while one man cited fellow Canadian rock band Theory Of A Deadman as a “Nickelback knockoff”. “Easily, for sure. There’s only one Nickelback and you cannot reach their standard,” he added.

These people aren’t alone, as Father John Misty previously came to the band’s defence earlier this year.

“I will ride for Nickelback, OK?” Tillman told NME. “‘How You Remind Me’… That’s a fucking great song. Have you heard that song? It’s great.”

Asked what it was he loved about the song so much, Tillman replied: “I don’t know. That’s the problem with the internet and social media and stuff: the stuff that you like, you can’t say what it is that you like about something. If you like something, it’s supposed to be beyond the intellectual. But I will ride for Nickelback – I want that on the record. ‘Farmer John Misery – I ride for Nickelback’.”