The station denies that 'Jerusalem' has been omitted from the playlist because of the quality of the song...

A spokesperson for Radio 1 has denied FAT LES 2000‘s official England Euro 2000 anthem ‘JERUSALEM’ has been omitted from their playlist because of the quality of the song.

Yesterday, (June 12) The Sun newspaper quoted a Radio 1 spokesperson as saying the track was not listed because: “It’s not the kind of song that would go on the playlist”.

However, today (June 13), a spokesperson for the station told nme.com that the track was not playlisted because of the amount of airtime it has already received on DJ Chris Moyles‘ Euro 2000 show. However, the track, currently number 10 in the singles charts, would have had up to 30 plays per week if it had been A-listed.


On his show, Moyles plays the track and listeners phone in and attempt to sing the words. She said: “The song has been played on Radio 1, it has been on Chris Moyles as part of a campaign to teach the country the lyrics. Euro 2000 on Radio 1 is focused around his show and that is where it has been getting a lot of play. It has been played on other shows, but not to such a great extent….DJs can still play it.”

Artists currently on the Radio 1 A-list include Gabrielle, Richard Ashcroft, David Gray, Kelis, Moby and Travis.

Also speaking to The Sun yesterday, Fat LesKeith Allen expressed his disappointment at not getting playlisted, and criticised Radio 1 bosses for being “five years out of date”. He said: “I don’t know what their excuse for not playing it is – perhaps they think we’re too much for them. Radio 1 are five years out of date and they don’t play any decent music anyway!”

The single ‘Jerusalem’, which is an adaptation of the William Blake poem, was released on June 5 and was recently branded by the band’s Alex James as “one of the most expensive records ever made”, costing more to make than the whole of his other band Blur‘s debut album.