Get through all three rounds and get the chance to win tickets to the last ever game at Wembley...

Fat Les have constructed an interactive football game on their website in which KEITH ALLEN and ALEX JAMES compete, attempting to score as many goals past each other as possible.

In the game, you play Alex James. Beginning in the grounds of your own front yard, you have 45 seconds to head more goals past Allen than he does you to progress out of your street, through the park and on finally to the Euro 2000 Final.

On winning all three rounds, fans get chance to enter a competition to win tickets for the last ever football match at Wembley.Click here to download the PC version.

Click here to download the MAC version.

The new Fat Les single, ‘Jerusalem’, which is the official FA song for this year’s European Football Championships is released on Monday (June 5). The song, which is an adaptation of the William Blake poem, has been branded by the band’s Alex James as “one of the most expensive records ever made”, costing more to make than the whole of his other band Blur‘s debut album.