NME.COM is there to see a preview of Keith Allen, a Glasto regular, capture the spirit of the weekend...

FAT LES star KEITH ALLEN gave an exclusive preview of his new project today (December 8) – a stage play set at the GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL.

The read-through performance took place at London’s Criterion Theatre, watched by an audience of invited guests which included Andrew Lloyd Webber, Richard Attenborough and TV weatherman John Kettley.

In the play, scheduled to open in London in early 2001, Allen plays an alcoholic former builder called Nevin. He told NME.COM “I think they’re going to try and put it on stage before Glastonbury next year if they can find the right venue. I don’t think they’ll lose money on it. People will come and see it.”


Asked if the play, entitled simply ‘Glastonbury’ reflects the true spirit of the festival, the veteran said: “It’s weird because different people have different festival experiences, but I know all he references. It’s pretty on the ball.” On his plans for next year’s festival, he told NME.COM: “I don’t know, because last night I officially became the manager of Zodiac Mindwarp, so I might do something with them.”

Previous festivals have seen Allen take a mobile karaoke club around the site, attracting a memorable impromptu performance from Jarvis Cocker.

‘Glastonbury’, written by Zoe Lewis, focuses on two couples’ experiences at the festival, one new age traveller and an Australian teenage girl, the other a jet-set combination of a neurotic press officer and a model. The action centres around the performance of Seline Prima, a fictional American teenage pop singer who is headlining the festival. Other cast members include Kieron O’ Brien who played Fitz’s teenage son in ITV drama ‘Cracker’, and Isla Fisher, best known for her role as Shannon in ‘Home and Away’. She told NME.COM that she had never been to Glastonbury, but working on the play had inspired her to visit.

On her own taste in music she said; “I love R&B, but I love all music, I even like jazz. I like Jamiroquai, I think they’re cool – and I do like the Chemical Brothers.”