A stinkbomb isn't going to stop Ant & Dec...

An attempt by FAT LES mainman KEITH ALLEN to gatecrash the launch of ANT & DEC’s official ENGLAND World Cup song backfired this afternoon (April 25).

The actor, who with members of Blur, Mel C and Britart leader Damien Hirst, is releasing his own World Cup song ‘Who Invented Fish & Chips? (Pop It In The Onion Bag)’, attempted to storm FA headquarters as a publicity stunt. He managed to get into reception but was marched out by security guards. Left out on the street, he threw a stink bomb inside and left.

Television presenters Ant & Dec were at FA headquarters on Soho Square in central London to launch ‘We’re On The Ball’, the FA sponsored song for England’s bid in the summer World Cup football championships.


The track, already installed as bookies favourite to score the highest chart place of all football songs released leading into the competition, will go head to head in the charts with ‘Pop Idol’ winner Will Young on its May 27 release. The face off makes for an interesting tussle, as Ant & Dec were hosts of ratings winner ‘Pop Idol’ and set Young on the road to stardom.

“The thing is Will is a great guy, a lovely lad,” said one half of the duo Ant McPartlin. “We’re still mates with him, still talk to him. He’s sold 1.1 million copies of his first single which makes us even more determined to kick his skinny little ass.”

During the launch, People United scored a more effective goal against the official release than Allen. They continually broadcast their song, ‘World Cup In Our Hands’ from a van outside the FA headquarters, frequently coming close to drowning out what was said inside.