The comedy band aim to promote their new single with a march through the West End...

FAT LES, the pop art collective involving members of BLUR

and actor KEITH ALLEN, are planning to disrupt Monday’s GOLDEN JUBILEE celebrations in LONDON with a march through the WEST END.

The publicity stunt, intended to promote new single ‘Who Invented Fish & Chips’ released that day, will see the outfit parade from Dean Street at 2pm and descend on Tower Records in Piccadilly Circus, where they will hold a launch party and perform the track.

it is unclear how far the parade will be allowed to move on the day, as authorities in London are applying stringent security measures throughout the city centre ahead of the Jubilee concert in Buckingham Palace. The concert will see the likes of S Club 7, Beach Boys founder member Brian Wilson, [a][/a], Aretha Franklin and Ozzy Osbourne. It will be broadcast live nationwide and in London itself via screens erected in main parks.