Fat White Family threaten ‘to join Isis’ if Mac DeMarco continues making music

Band reveal their contempt for the Canadian musician

Fat White Family have threatened “to join Isis” if the Canadian singer-songwriter Mac DeMarco continues to make music.

Writing on their Facebook wall, the band joked that their contempt for the musician had pushed them to the extreme. As reported by DIY, the full post reads:

“Unless Mac demarco immediately withdraws from music and the public eye, me and saul will be on the first plane to Syria to join Isis. Peace be with you.”

NMEPooneh Ghana/NME

Fat White Family have been busy recording the follow up to 2013 debut ‘Champagne Holocaust’ and have been using John Lennon’s old Beatles equipment while working on the record at his son Sean’s recording studio in New York City.

The south London band’s new album is being co-produced by Sean Lennon after the band met him at a performance at SXSW in 2014. Work on the record has taken place at Lennon’s state-of-the-art studio in a remote upstate mansion owned by Yoko Ono.

The Brixton-based six-piece recently returned to the UK to play a chaotic headline set at London’s Visions Festival. Read the live report and view the full set-list here.

Meanwhile, Canadian singer-songwriter Mac DeMarco recently released new mini-album ‘Another One’, the follow up to 2014 LP ‘Salad Days’, NME’s Number Two album of last year.

In a recent live session, DeMarco performed new song ‘No Other Heart’ on a rowboat he bought on his birthday. Watch the session here.