As he prepares for fatherhood, the superstar DJ ponders his future...

FATBOY SLIM has claimed forthcoming record ‘HALFWAY BETWEEN THE GUTTER AND THE STARS’ “might be my last ever album”.

Speaking in an interview with DJ Zane Lowe yesterday (November 2) on London radio station XFM, Slim said fatherhood “does strange things”. He said: “I might never make a good record again. Fatherhood does strange things to people, d’ya know what I mean? I might go all gooey and just want to write children’s stories from now on. This might be a swan song, might be my last ever album. It’s a very big fear in my life at the moment.”

Slim added that the pregnancy of wife Zoe Ball gave him a deadline to work towards. He said: “I knew I had to get it out and promoted before the baby came, so it definitely put the heat on me to get it finished…it would have taken me another six months otherwise, I would have faffed about. The last two months I was so focused…I had half an hour off for ‘EastEnders’ and half an hour for ‘Big Brother’…

Cook, who will retire from the public eye on “December 10” to be with his family, said he has received hate mail from Doors fans objecting to his sampling of Jim Morrison on recent single ‘Sunset (Bird Of Prey)’. He said: “I wasn’t aware that Jim Morrison was such a deity. I didn’t realise. It’s just a few anally retentive Doors fans, sending hate mail. I keep finding snakes heads in the bed when I wake up in the morning!”

Finally, Slim has also revealed how he and wife Zoe Ball “missed death by about six inches” while driving on the motorway yesterday to London from their Brighton home for the radio interview in bad weather.

Cook said: “We hit a big patch of water and started aquaplaning. The bloke in front of me kind of lost it and started pirouetting…it was quite a strange moment, thinking ‘Oh my God I’m going to die’, with Zoe and the baby sitting next to me as well…I missed death by about six inches.

“It happens in slow motion. It was almost set to music watching this car just spinning, it all went very quiet. But for the rest of the day I’ve kind of had this kind of lease of life like, isn’t it good to be alive?”