The star agrees to have a sticker placed on the sleeve masking the 'explicit' bits...


FATBOY SLIM has been forced to cover-up the artwork on his new album ‘HALFWAY BETWEEN THE GUTTER AND THE STARS’ in the US after it was deemed too explicit for conservative middle America.

The sleeve features a photograph of a setting sun shining between the silhouette of a girl’s legs. However, Slim’s US record label Astrelwerks got the jitters feeling that some record shops, particularly those in the traditionally conservative mid-west, may have consider the picture too explicit and would have refuse to stock the album.

The star, real name Norman Cook, agreed to have a ‘Kiddies Clean Version’ (a variation on the Parental Guidance label) sticker placed on the sleeve masking the sunbeams.

The track ‘Star 69’ had already been removed from US copies because of its explicit content.