The superstar DJ bemoans the fact that he hasn't seen some of his close pals for two years...

Fatboy Slim is “bored shitless” with promotional duties for his new album ‘HALFWAY BETWEEN THE GUTTER AND THE STARS’, and has said “I haven’t seen some of my close mates for about two years”.

Speaking in the current issue of Melody Maker, which comes out in London today (October 31) and nationwide tomorrow (November 1), Cook revealed he is feeling the pressure of promoting his forthcoming studio album, which is released on November 6 through Skint. He said: “I’ve spent eight months recording it and then I’ve been doing all this promotion. I hope other people will love it though.

“After the last album’s success I was worried that the dance music fraternity – who I consider to be like my family – would say ‘Ah, you’ve gone and wandered off down that pop road.’ So I’m glad they welcomed me back…I haven’t seen some of my close mates for about two years, but it’s good to know that now I’m back, they don’t consider me a lapsed DJ.”


Following the release of the album, and a string of DJ dates in the US and UK, Cook will take “at least four months” off as his wife, Zoe Ball is expecting the couple’s first child in the near future.

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