Yep, we've got the eagerly-awaited promo for 'Weapon Of Choice'...

FATBOY SLIM‘s latest video – featuring HOLLYWOOD icon CHRISTOPHER WALKEN dancing in a hotel lobby – can be viewed in here on NME.COM next week.

From Monday (April 2), we will be streaming the zany video for ‘Weapon Of Choice’, shot by Spike Jonze, the director of his award-winning video for ‘Praise You’.

As reported previously, Fatboy told NME.COM of his delight at being reunited with Jonze.

Speaking at the NME Awards in February, he said: “Working with Spike again was really nice. He’s done another video for me for ‘Weapon Of Choice’ in America which is Christopher Walken doing tap dancing. Basically the next single for us (in the UK) is ‘Star 69’, but the Americans can’t cope with having the word ‘fuck’ quite so many times in it, so they had to pick another single. Simple as that. Too many fucks.”

Click back on Monday to see the video for ‘Weapon Of Choice’ in all its glory.

In other Fatboy Slim news, the DJ is scheduled to appear at the 18th annual Canada Music Week this weekend (March 29 – April 1).