Cook and Courtney may work together...

Fatboy Slim has been approached by Courtney Love to help produce Hole‘s next album.

Cook explained the idea came about after he appeared at Big Day Out with Hole in Australia. Finding themselves next to each other on the bill, they became friends and talk developed of working together.

He continued: “I saw them again at Glastonbury and they were hinting about how it might be fun for us to do something together in the future.”


But he said although Hole had asked him to work on all of the follow-up to their last LP ‘Celebrity Skin’, it was unlikely he’d manage it: “At this point I couldn’t take three months off and I’d go bonkers stuck for that time in a studio with a band. Much of the producer’s job is to stop the band killing each other and I don’t want to be a diplomat. I’d maybe like to do one track with them.”

Norman also revealed that reluctance to play the diplomat had stopped him working full-time on The Beautiful South‘s most recent release. It seems he and former Housemartins colleague Paul Heaton did not want to run the risk of falling out.