YOU decide what posers the dance superstar will face in the latest NME Fan-Ish Inquisition...

Norman Cook, aka Fatboy Slim, may be looking forward to sitting down and kicking back when his eagerly awaited third album ‘HALFWAY BETWEEN THE GUTTER AND THE STARS’ finally appears through SKINT on November 6, but he has a huge task to complete in the meantime.

Cook is to be the latest subject of the infamous no-holds-barred NME Fan-ish Inquistion. And is giving fans the chance to pitch the questions journalists would be too frightened to ask.

Maybe you want to know if who was better to work with on the new album – the late Doors frontman Jim Morrison or new soul diva Macy Gray . Or perhaps yu’d like to ask if there will be more videos directed by ‘Praise You’ mainman Spike Jonze. Or maybe you’d like to know if he and radio and TV personality wife Zve Ball are going to follow the current pop star trend and go for a separation.


To submit a question for the superstar DJ, [url=]click here.

Get your questions in sharpish, the answers will feature in a later issue of NME.

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