Norman Cook to work with the whatisname

Norman Cook has revealed to nme.com that he is to remix a track from the new album by TAFKAP. This is the latest in a long line of high-profile remix projects for Norman Cook including Cornershop, The Beastie Boys and Underworld.

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Catching Norman Cook backstage prior to the second of two sell-out shows, nme.com asked him about rumours circulating about his producing the new Madonna album: “Really? Where did you hear that? No, I’ll leave it to William Orbit.”

As to the next Fatboy Slim album he said: “In my head it’s going really wellbut I’ve been a bit lazybut I think it’s good the last two years have been real overkill, I need a break and everyone else needs a break from me being in their face all the time.”

When asked this would lead to another new Norman Cook persona (a la Pizzaman, Freakpower, Mighty Dub Katz) he said: “NoYesNoYes. Well if there was I wouldn’t tell you because the whole point isto be honest it’ll be nice to have a bit of a breather.”

You can catch Fatboy Slim live in New York City here. The webcast starts at 5pm promptly.