All the news on 'Halfway Between the Gutter And the Stars', including the full tracklisting...

Norman Cook has spoken for the first time about his forthcoming new album ‘HALFWAY BETWEEN THE GUTTER AND THE STARS’, released through SKINT on November 6.

He’s also announced that the Jim Morrison-sampling ‘Sunset (Bird Of Prey)’, will definitely be the first single from the album, and will hit the shops on October 16. The b-side features another brand new that’s not on the album, called ‘My Game’, and ‘Sunset’ is also being remixed by former Underworld star Darren Emerson.

The album, the follow up to the hugely-successful ‘You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby’, is currently being finished by Norman at his home in Brighton.

As previously reported on, Norman will be joined on the album by guests Macy Gray, Bootsy Collins and Roland Clarke from Urban Soul.

The full tracklisting is this, though the order is subject to change: ‘Sunset (Bird Of Prey)’ [feat Jim Morrison] ‘Ya Mama’ ‘Talking ‘Bout My Baby’ ‘Demons’ [feat Macy Gray] ‘Song For Shelter’ [feat Roland Clarke] ‘Retox’ ‘Weapon Of Choice’ [feat Bootsy Collins] ‘Drop The Hate’ ‘Star 69’ ‘Love Life’ [feat Macy Gray] ‘Mad Flava’

Of the new album, Norman said: “It’s a bit more chilled and loved up than the last one. A bit less poppy and up-for-it – there aren’t any ‘Rockafeller Skank’‘s’. It’s a bit more thoughtful and a bit more housey. When I started it I sat there for two months and thought, ‘God, what do I do now!’. What I did know is that I didn’t want to do another big beat album. It was quite hard at first because all I knew is what I didn’t want it to sound like. But I soon found a groove. It is almost gospelly, a lot of it. Sort of uplifting!”

As to why Norman chose the album title, he explained: “I heard someone say it. I was in LA and staying at the Chateau Marmont. I had played the Los Angeles Palladium, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were there and Bill Murray was at the bar and I was just thinking this really wasn’t meant to be. I was sweating and shaking from the partying I had been doing and I was kinda thinking, ‘You can take the boy out of the gutter but you can never take the gutter out of the boy’. No matter how posh a hotel you put me in I am still going to be this drunken slob at the end of it.”