The superstar DJ is on his way back - and he's got a unique guest star on the forthcoming single...

Fatboy Slim aka NORMAN COOK’S new album is to be called ‘HALFWAY BETWEEN THE GUTTER AND THE STARS’ and will be released through SKINT on November 6.

According to Norm’s label website [url=]www.skint.net, the first single from the album, Norm’s third under his Fatboy alias, will be the Jim Morrison-sampling ‘Sunset (Bird Of Prey)’ and will be out on October 16.

The single features the late Doors frontman chanting the line “Bird of prey/Fly so high” over a breakbeat backdrop.

nme.com can also reveal that ex-Underworld man Darren Emerson has remixed the track. “It’s very chilled out, dreamy, spacey and beautiful,” was Emerson‘s verdict. Norman Cook apparently approached Emerson after Muzik‘s Pikes party in Ibiza, asking him if he could deliver a mix within a week. “He told me I was the first person to get him into house music!” added Emerson. “I’ve decided to make it more pumping and clubby.”

As previously reported on nme.com, the album also features guest appearances from R&B diva Macy Gray and funk legend Bootsy Collins.

A second single entitled ‘Demons’ is the result of Cook‘s much publicised work with Macy, and is due out in January. ‘Sunset (Bird Of Prey)’ is released through Skint on October 16th.