The superstar DJ reckons he might go soft when his TV presenter wife Zoe Ball gives birth...

FATBOY SLIM has admitted he fears he may never make a good record again after the birth of his first child in December.

Speaking in the new issue of MUZIK magazine, he said: “Some of my friends have children and bring them round, but then you never see them again.,” he explained. “It’s as if they disappear into some parallel universe. Maybe I’ll suddenly pass over to the other side, discover all my mates and find out what strange world they go to!”

Norman Cook and Zoe Ball’s baby is due on Christmas Eve, and Cook has already ensured that he has no work commitments in the month’s following the baby’s birth. However, Cook confessed that he was unwilling to make predictions as to the impact of fatherhood even on the short term of his career.

“Some people have pulled it off,” he said. “My only worry is that because what I do is lifestyle-based, the nightclub animal doesn’t really fit in with parenthood. If I was James Taylor, I could incorporate children into my songwriting on the farm with just a guitar!”

“We’ll just see what happens,” he continued. “I might never make a good record again or I might go soft and start writing dad tunes. Or I might start caning it again. What I’m hoping for is a happy medium!”

For the full interview, along with the story of Fatboy Slim’s tour of Austrailia, pick up a copy of Muzik. It’s in the shops now.