Norman Cook in the studio with 'secret star', nme.com can almost reveal...

Fatboy Slim has written fifteen songs for his new studio album, and is currently in Los Angeles collaborating with a “platinum selling vocalist”, nme.com can reveal.

A spokesperson for Cook in the UK told nme.com: “Norman is currently in LA working with a platinum selling vocalist, but that is all I have been told. Nothing has been decided on whether it will be included on a single or future album, so we can’t say any more yet.”

His spokesperson added his work in Los Angeles has been described as a “stroke of genius”, claiming people would not be able to believe who it is he is working with. Cook is also planning to work with many other musicians on his new album, although not exclusively with vocalists.

Speaking to Rolling Stone‘s website, www.rollingstone.com, Cook told US reporters that his new album will be released before the end of the year, and will feature live vocals instead of samples – an idea inspired by his friends, the Chemical Brothers. He said: “Tom (Rowlands) and Ed (Simmons) said, ‘Instead of nicking bits off a capellas, why don’t you actually work with a vocalist?’, and I’m like, ‘Oh, I’d be too nervous and I they wouldn’t wanna do it.’ There’s a few people I’ve phoned and the reactions have been quite good.”

Rumours that Cook plans to collaborate with the Chemical Brothers could not be confirmed or denied by his spokesperson.

Cook has also hinted he’s becoming irritated by the bands who have attempted to emulate his style, and any new material he does record will mark a change in direction. He said: “A lot of the sound on the last album has been sort of standard practice now. I probably know more what I don’t wanna do, then what I want to do. There’s been so many kind of records that sound like ‘Gangster Trippin” and ‘Rockafeller Skank’. I don’t want to sound like the people who sound like me.”