Fatboy Slim is no more

Norman Cook has ditched his stage name

Fatboy Slim, aka DJ Norman Cook, has decided to retire his famous moniker.

The DJ was cagey about explaining why he had made the decision, or what his new stage name will be. However, NME.COM has learned that he is working on a new album under the name Brighton Port Authority.

Cook told The Sun: “Yes, I am ditching the Fatboy Slim name, but I can’t tell you the new one. I’m going to take the Fifth Amendment on that question and not say because I’ll get myself into trouble.”

Despite refusing to confirm his new title the DJ did, however, joke that he was changing his name to “Madonna“.

Fatboy Slim is still billed to play Glastonbury and headline the O2 Wireless Festival on July 5 in London, suggesting the DJ may use the shows to say goodbye to his old stage name.