Fatboy Slim to host beach party

On New Year's Day

Fatboy Slim is set to host a massive beach party in Brighton on New Year’s Day.

Big Beach Boutique 3 will be a ticket only event available only to people who have a BN postcode. 20,000 tickets are expected to be released.

Fatboy Slim told the Brighton Argus: “I can’t believe it is finally happening but it is. I can promise the people of Brighton this is going to be one hell of a show.

“Everytime I have been shopping in Brighton for the past four years at least, once person has come up to me and asked when I’ll be doing it again.

“Every time I have had to say I can’t because I’ve been banned. It’s such a relief not to have to say that any more.”

The last time the DJ held at gig on a beach party on Brighton beach in 2002, it provoked fears over public safety when the numbers who turned up exceeded expectation.

The free party attracted 250,000 instead of the expected 60,000 people.