The star is furious the British Prime Minister used one of his tracks for the Labour Party's election campaign...

FATBOY SLIM has told a British newspaper of his infuriation at the LABOUR party’s use of one his tracks in their election campaign.

‘Right Here Right Now’ was used by Tony Blair at the party’s conference at the start of the month without Fatboy ’s permission.

In a series of comments published in the Sunday Times yesterday (October 24), the star, real name Norman Cook, explained his opposition to Blair’s policies and his anger at the party’s decision to use his track.

“It was a surreal experience,” he wrote. “I felt upset and, unusually for me, almost angry.”

He explained: “I hated the idea that my mates might think I had sanctioned Labour’s use of the song, that on the sly I had been using a private hotline to Blair to cook up this plan and make a bit of cash.

“The use of the song implies that I support Blair. Nothing could be further from the truth. The political voices I support are Tony Benn, Glenda Jackson and Ken Livingstone. People who are clearly left wing. I have a very specific opposition to the war in Iraq. It is an unnecessary conflict and Blair is primarily responsible for getting us into it.

“I hope the public, and especially my mates, will realise that I have not sanctioned the use of ‘Right Here..’ and that I do not sanction the war on terror. I do not secretly hang out at Downing Street of an evening with my mate Tony Blair.”

“I am also hoping a spin doctor might register my annoyance and put a word in Blair’s ear…he should be told it is best not to choose an anthem written by someone who openly opposes you — it doesn’t look too good when you’re electioneering.”

US politician Al Gore used the Fatboy Slim track ‘Praise You’ in his 2000 election campaign. Cook explained he didn’t mind Gore using his music as “At least Gore is a Democrat and someone I generally trust.”

Cook went on to say: “Some people have suggested that my remix of Wildchild’s ‘Renegade Master’ might be a better anthem for Labour, but I would suggest ‘Give Peace A Chance’. Somehow I can’t see that happening. When it comes to the next election I would like my song to be off the campaign turntables and back in the clubs, where it belongs.”

Fatboy Slim, who completes his tour of the UK tomorrow at the London Carling Academy Brixton, releases new single ‘Wonderful Night’ on November 29.