And it's all in the name of charity, people…

FATBOY SLIM and Clash have joined THE STROKES in donating exclusive tracks to download from WAR CHILD’s new music website.

The latest selection of new tracks are available from www.warchildmusic.com from today (October 7).

The unique download site’s line up is headed by Fatboy Slim who offers a stunning acoustic version of ‘Push And Shove’ from his new ‘Palookaville’ album.

Other exclusive tracks include The Strokes’ live cover version of [/a]’s ‘Clampdown’, a month ahead of its release as a B-side on their new single ‘The End Has No End’.

The DJ Hell remix of [a]’ classic debut single, ‘West End Girls’ is also available for download.

The full-length version of this track has only previously been available in the UK as a promotional copy. It also enjoyed a very limited issue on DJ Hell’s own International DJ Gigolo label.

Other exclusive tracks come from up and coming Leeds outfit Kaiser Chiefs, who are offering their debut single ‘Oh My God’ and new Manchester band My Computer who are giving music fans a chance to hear their eight-minute opus, ‘Hole In The Road’.

All tracks will cost 99p, with all profits going directly to helping children in the world’s most troubled regions.