Though the star does admit the genre is "going through a bit of a fallow patch"...

FATBOY SLIM has warned the world not to write off dance music just yet.

With his new album ‘Palookaville’ remaining in the Top 75 for just three weeks and the crisis in clubland, many commentators have pointed to a genre in meltdown.

And speaking to the BBC, Slim’s alter-ego Norman Cook admitted that the talk had got to him. He said: “Every week I was making the album, I was reading articles about the demise of dance music – and obviously that affects you somewhat.

“So I think, consciously or subconsciously, reading every week that dance music was dead I would think, ‘Right, scrub that track then’.”

However, he likened the current malaise to the dearth in guitar bands during clubland’s last heyday: “I don’t personally believe it’s either dead or going to die, but it’s going through a bit of a fallow patch.”