The DJ wants to know if residents support having another big gig next year...

FATBOY SLIM plans to hold a referendum to find out whether BRIGHTON residents want to play host to another BIG BEACH BOUTIQUE in the town next year.

According to The Sun newspaper, the DJ has contacted the parents of Karen Manders, who died after last year’s event, and received their blessing to go ahead with the beach party this year.

“We’re having a referendum in the local paper and if the people of Brighton want this, we will go ahead,” he said.


But reports that Brighton City Council are to recommend permission be refused at a meeting on Thursday (December 19).

The council says the city is not ready for a repeat of the massive beach party which attracted 250,000 people in July, with permission unlikely to be granted until at least 2004, and new safety guidelines to be drawn up.

Chris Holm, resort services manager for the city council, said in a report to the culture committee: “The impact of this year’s event is still at the forefront of people’s minds and it is generally felt that the summer of 2003 would be too soon to stage another large scale music spectacular on Brighton beach.

“However, no-one is ruling out the potential for such an event to take place in future years, subject to agreement by all appropriate parties.”

Fatboy Slim meanwhile plans to hold Big Beach Boutique parties in Rio’s Copacabana, Miami’s South Beach and Bondi Beach in Sydney next year, according to The Sun.