They're weren't keen on the remix of 'Right Here, Right Now' that he spun apparently...

Fatboy Slim‘s first ever concert in China collapsed in confusion during the early hours of Thursday morning (December 6) when police in SHANGHAI pulled the plug, insisting organisers played slow romantic music instead.

The event had got off to a rocky start when hundreds of disgruntled ticket holding clubbers were left standing in the rain outside the city’s Typhoon Club after police ruled it was already full. The draconian Shanghai Public Security Bureau authorities barred many people from entering, saying simply they were worried about crowd control. Tickets for the superstar DJ’s show had sold out weeks in advance.

When Fatboy Slim did eventually manage to begin playing at 1am, he was stopped within an hour. Police told club owners to play slower music because they were worried about the floor vibrating. He managed to return for a further 15 minutes a little later before the lights were turned up and people ushered out.

Last October, Shanghai’s nightclubs were affected by a national anti-vice crackdown, with police enforcing a city regulation that all bars and clubs must shut their doors at 2am, bankrupting some of the city’s most successful clubs, the Australian News Network reports.

Many dancing licences were revoked, with clubs being told they could only have dancing if tables were placed on the dancefloor. And though Typhoon had previously been one of the city’s top nightspots, police erected a sign outside the club a month ago reading ‘No Dancing – by order of the Public Security Bureau’.

Fatboy Slim‘s records are not available in Shanghai shops, though pirated CDs of his do a brisk trade, selling for around £1 each.